Windshield and windows

Is your windshield broken? LTServices replaces it identically with quality glazing.

We are not able to store a lot of windshields. The logistics department of LTServices will take care of finding the glass and sending it to the workshop as soon as possible.

Our technicians calibrate the windshield cameras, essential for the operation of the latest driver assistance systems (ADAS).


LTServices is an authorized Agent CFAO RDC, exclusive distributor of Toyota, Peugeot and Suzuki vehicles. Vehicles purchased from CFAO can be maintained or repaired at LTServices. 100% manufacturer’s warranty. Original spare parts exclusively from CFAO RDC stock..
LTServices is the partner of various insurances, including ACTIVA, RAWSUR & SFA for the repair of your vehicles in the event of a claim.
LTServices is registered with the United Nations Supplier Portal, the UNGM, United Nations Global Marketplace, which sets the Code of Conduct and the minimum standards expected of United Nations suppliers and its organizations.