Maintenance and repairs

Hundreds of customers have their vehicles serviced and repaired at LTServices. They quickly realized that in the end, it was cheaper to work with established professionals.


  • Provision of a ticket indicating the next deadline.
  • Rigorous monitoring of oil change and lubrication deadlines.
  • Change of filters.
  • Complete interior / exterior cleaning
  • A maintenance booklet specific to each vehicle.

Systematic monitoring

  • Levels (all).
  • Brakes and pads.
  • Lighting.
  • Tires.
  • Direction, suspensions and parallelism.
  • Consumption, electronic diagnostics.
  • Air conditioner.

Our strengths

  • A perfectly honed procedure followed by our qualified mechanics.
  • The right tools for routine maintenance.
  • Efficient logistics for top quality spare parts.
  • Perfectly sized car spaces for vehicle maintenance.
  • Cloud Reception tablets coupled with our professional garage software optimize vehicle downtime.


Authorized Agent CFAO RDC

LTServices is an authorized Agent CFAO RDC, exclusive distributor of Toyota, Peugeot and Suzuki vehicles. Vehicles purchased from CFAO can be maintained or repaired at LTServices. 100% manufacturer’s warranty. Original spare parts exclusively from CFAO RDC stock.

Partner of insurances ACTIVA, RAWSUR & SFA

LTServices is the partner of various insurances, including ACTIVA, RAWSUR & SFA for the repair of your vehicles in the event of a claim.

Registered with the UNGM

LTServices is registered with the United Nations Supplier Portal, the UNGM, United Nations Global Marketplace, which sets the Code of Conduct and the minimum standards expected of United Nations suppliers and its organizations.